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16th September:

       Thermometer this morning in the air 54° in the water 72°    a thick fogg which continued so thick that we did not set out untill 8 oClock in the morning    the day was fair, passed severale very bad riffles and among the rest Emberson's Island,  [1] while they were geting the boat through this long riffle I went on shore and shot some squirrels; my men were very much fatigued with this days labour however I continued untill nearly dark when we came too on the Virginia shore having made only 19 miles this day.—  [2]


1. Cramer gives this as "Amberson's, or, Buffentin's Island." It is present Buffington's Island, opposite the mouth of Little Sandy Creek, Jackson County, West Virginia. Cramer (6th), 54. (Return to text.)


2. In Jackson County. (Return to text.)

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