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11th November—  [1]

       Arrived as Massac  [2]    engaged George Drewyer  [3] in the public service as an Indian Interpretter, contracted to pay him 25 dollards pr. month for his services.—    Mr Swan  [4] Assistant Millitary agent at that place advanced him thirty dollars on account of his pay.—


1. Lewis has written 11 over 12 for the date and continued to make corrections through November 17. He must have discovered his error about November 18. There is a blank half page at the end of this entry and a considerable amount of unused space on the pages during the next week or so of journalizing. (Return to text.)


2. The fort site, on a promontory just above Metropolis, Massac County, Illinois, commands a strategic view of the Ohio River. Established by the French in 1757, ceded to the British in 1763, and abandoned the next year, it was soon destroyed by Chickasaw Indians. The ruins were not restored until 1794 by Americans under orders from General Anthony Wayne. It was again abandoned as a military post after the War of 1812. Thwaites (EWT), 4:276–77; Illinois Guide, 433–34; Fortier, 57–71. (Return to text.)


3. George Drouillard, whose name neither Lewis nor Clark ever managed to spell right, became one of the most valuable members of the expedition. See Appendix A. (Return to text.)


4. William Swan of Massachusetts, stationed at Fort Massac from 1802 to 1804, was in charge of financial affairs at the post. Quaife (MLJO), 47 n. 4. (Return to text.)

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