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13th Novr.

       left Massac this evening about five oclock—    descended about three miles and encamped on the S. E. shore  [1]    raind very hard in the eving and I was siezed with a violent ague which continued about four hours and as is usual was succeeded by a feever which however fortunately abated in some measure by sunrise the next morning,  [2] 〈I then took a〉


       Left Fort Masacre [Massac] the 13th of Novr 1803 at 4 oClock with an at  [3]


1. In present McCracken County, Kentucky. (Return to text.)


2. Perhaps an attack of malaria. Chuinard, 174–75. (Return to text.)


3. This line is found on the first document of Clark's Field Notes, written crosswise to the rest of the material. The remaining material on the sheet is dated December 1318, 1803, and will be found under those dates. (Return to text.)

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