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Friday 23rd December 1803

       a raney Day    continue to put up my huts    the men much fatigued 〈puting up〉 Carrying logs, I Send to Mr. Morrisons  [1] farm for a Teem & Corn, which arivd about 3 oClock, a raney Desagreeable day    Mr. Griffeth Came down from his farm with a Load of Turnips &c. as a present to me, Drewyear Came home to day after a 〈long〉 hunt, he Killed three Deer, & left them in the woods, the Ice run to day    Several Deleaways pass, a chief whome I saw at Greenville Treaty,  [2] I gave him a bottle of whiskey, the water falls fast, the boat Supt. by Skids. Set the Detachment latterly arrived to build them a hut


1. William Morrison was a prominent Kaskaskia merchant and landowner who owned a farm in the vicinity of Camp Dubois. Jackson (LLC), 1:144–45 n. 4; Osgood (FN), 9 n. 1. (Return to text.)


2. At the Treaty of Fort Greenville, August 3, 1795, General Anthony Wayne forced the Indians of the Northwest Territory to surrender much of present Ohio and parts of Indiana and Illinois. (Return to text.)

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