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       Saty, 31st of Decr    I Issued certain [orders?] & prohibited a Certain [blank] Ramey  [1] from Selling Liquer to the Party, Several things Killed to day. Colter [Oddawey?]  [2] Willard Leakens  [3] Hall & Collins Drunk.    began to snow at Dark and Continued untill 9 oClock    Cloudy to day  [4]


1. Matthew Ramey took up residence in the St. Louis district in 1803; William Ramy signed a memorial to the president from the St. Charles district in 1806. Osgood (FN), 11 n. 8. (Return to text.)


2. Osgood interprets this illegible word as "Oddawey," but Sergeant Ordway was absent from camp from December 30 to January 2. The word may be "souber" written over another word, in which case Willard, Leakens, Hall and Collins were the only drunken men. Ibid., 11. (Return to text.)


3. For Leakens (possibly "Seakens"), see below, February 4, 1804, concerning his discharge. Nothing else is known of him. (Return to text.)


4. Below this entry and written crossways are the following figures:
70/480/7 (Return to text.)

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