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       Monday 30th Jany 1804    a Cloudy morning, Some Snow    send out 10 hunters to day in three parties, at 9 oClock The Thermotr. Stood at 22d abov 0, a little wind from N.    at 10 oClock 24° abov 0, cleared up & Sun Shown    Stoped Snowing, but little Ice running this morng—    at 11 oClock 25° abov 0, at 12 oClock 25° abov 0, Took M alt. of Suns L. L. 67° 22' 52"— Er[ror] of Entrement [instrument] 6'—, at 1 oClock 25° abov 0, at 2 oClock 26° abov 0, Reed Killed a Deer & wild Cat,  [1] Cloudy. 3 men Cross the river to day, at 3 oClock 28° abov 0, at 4 oClock 27° abov 0, at 8 oClock 16° abv 0, about Sun Set Capt: Lewis arrived accompanied by Mr. J. Hay  [2] & Mr. Jo Hays  [3] of Kohokia—    The hunter killed 5 Deer to day—


1. Presumably a bobcat, Lynx rufus. Hall, 2:1051–55. (Return to text.)


2. John Hay, fur trader, merchant, and postmaster of Cahokia, was born in Detroit. He worked for the North West Company in the country of the Assiniboin Indians in present-day Canada, then settled in Cahokia before 1799, engaging in the Indian trade from that place. Lewis met Hay at Cahokia on December 7, 1803, and the trader accompanied him on his first visit to St. Louis. Hay gave Lewis a copy of the Mackay-Evans journal of the Missouri River venture of 1795–97 and considerable other information on the Northwest and the fur trade. William Henry Harrison to Clark, November 13, 1803, Lewis to Jefferson, December 19, 1803, Lewis to Jefferson, December 28, 1803, Jackson (LLC), 1:135 and n. 2, 145–47, 148–56 and nn. 8, 9; Atlas, 5. (Return to text.)


3. John Hays should not be confused with John Hay. Hays, born in New York City , worked for the Hudson's Bay Company on the upper Mississippi and the Red River of the North. He settled in Cahokia in 1793, worked for Hay for a time, and was sheriff at the time of meeting Lewis and Clark. Osgood (FN), 25–26 n. 9. (Return to text.)

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