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       Sonday 5th Feby    Still Sick, The french man Wife &c Came to See us to day    Mes. Cane als[o]. Hanley  [1] Sent us Some Butter & milk, river riseing & Covered with Small Ice. Cp L send out Shields to get walnut Bark for pills,  [2] fowl pass


1. Samuel Hanley lived in Randolph County, Kaskaskia Land District, Indiana Territory, having settled there before 1788. Osgood (FN), 27 n. 3. (Return to text.)


2. Walnut bark is strongly emetic and was probably used as a mild purgative. Lewis, whose mother was an herb doctor, was fond of such remedies. Ibid., 27 n. 4; Chuinard, 189–90 and n. 18. (Return to text.)

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