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       Wednesday 4th    all day Packing Provision    Setled account with the Contractor for all the Issuses to the first of the month &. what Provisions he had furnished    hard wind and rain last night, Mr Crawford  [1] sent his Canoo by to a [tear, perhaps word missing]    speach to the Sioux & Iowoy Indians  [2]


1. Lewis Crawford, later a member of the North West Company in Canada, was a trader at Prairie du Chien from about 1790. Lewis entrusted him with a message to Indians on the Des Moines River about the change of sovereignty in Louisiana. He was also to collect vocabularies for the captains. Lewis to Amos Stoddard, May 16, 1804, Amos Stoddard to Henry Dearborn, June 3, 1804, Amos Stoddard to Jefferson, October 29, 1804, Jackson (LLC), 1 : 189–91 and n. 1, 196–97, 212–13; Osgood (FN), 30 n. 4. (Return to text.)


2. At this time the Iowas (Ioways) lived in present northern Missouri and Iowa, and gave their name to the latter state. They spoke a Siouan language of the Chiwere group, closely related to Oto and Missouri. Their economy was based on hunting and horticulture. For the Sioux, see August 31, 1804. Hodge, 1:612–14; Blaine. (Return to text.)

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