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       Satturday 14th 1804    a fair Day    wind high from the [blank]    I sent Reed to St Louis with a letter & Some [Scerlet?] &c. Locks to be mended, lent Majr Runsey 12$—    paid Reed 10$    took out of bag 8$    in all 30$ out of bag to day—    a Gentleman from winchster  [1] by the name of McLain Came to Camp bound on land hunting, I had finished off and packed up to day in part of my Store of Provisions—



13 Bags of Parched meal of 2 bus: each
9 do— Common Meal of N C—  [2] do
11 do & 3 barrels of N: Corn Huled do
3 do: & 30 —˝  [3] do—of Flour— do
7 Barrels of Salt of 2 ˝ bushels each— do



Received of Majr Runsey

  14 flour Kegs
  19 Pork Kegs 14th apl.
537 [lb?] Salt



in 44 in Pork Kegs  
3115 [w?]  [4]
do    6 &c. do—  
in [all?]  


1. Of the many Winchesters in the United States, this was most likely the town in either Virginia or Kentucky. McLain, a prospective settler or a land speculator, is unidentified. Stewart (APN), 536. (Return to text.)


2. The "N C" may mean Natchez corn here and elsewhere. This is apparently what Clark has written on an undated list of articles for the trip. The list is on the reverse of Atlas map 3a and is placed here after the May 14 entry. (Return to text.)


3. From the list on reverse of Atlas map 3a it appears that Clark here means thirty half barrels rather than thirty and one-half barrels. (Return to text.)


4. These figures were inserted sideways in a blank space of this entry and go with a list of April 16. The number of 3115 was written over what appears to be 3366 in order to match some calculations that Clark did the next day. The "w" given here and elsewhere may stand for weight, but the letter or letters are very uncertain. Osgood interpreted it to be "lb." Osgood (FN), 36. (Return to text.)

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