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at the mouth of the River Kansies
June 26" 27" & 29th—  [1]

       This river is 366 miles above the mouth of the Missouri    it is in Lattitude 38° 31' 13" North


       it is 230 yds. wide at its mouth & wider above    from the point up the Missourie for about 3 ms. N. 21° W, Down the Middle of the Missourie is S. 32° E, up the upper bank of the Kansais, is S. 54° E    the river turns to the East above a pt. of high land, well Situated for a fort & in view of the Missouris    one mile up & on the upper Side, the width of the Missouris at this place is about 500 yds.


       Missourie Water weighs 78.    The Kanseis weghs 72    river Miss[ouri] raised in the time at the Kanseis 2 foot and begun to fall.


       The wood land on each side of the Mouth of this river is extensive and of a good quallity as far as our hunters was back, but badly watered with Springs, only two being Seen by them


       Some punishment of two men Hall & Collins for takeing whiskey out of the Barrel last night [Ed: see Detachment Order of June 29] agreeable to the Sentences of a Court Mtl of the party who we have always found verry ready to punish Such Crimes—


       Many Deer Killed to day


       Allarm post or order of Battle arms to be Situated & the Duty &c.  [2]


       Messes of men under a Serjiant who is to detail for every day one man of his Squad to Cook &c. who Shall have the management of the provisions dureing that day or issue, each Days rations must be divided &c. &c


       Order of encampment, Tents, fires & Duty


       Signals &c &c.


       S 81 [W?] to pt    pased on [at?] S. S. 5 Ms.  [3]


1. Biddle's notation at the top of this sheet of the Field Notes (document 24) reads "26 to 28." On document 24, Clark wrote a series of notes covering the entire period they were camped at the mouth of the Kansas River, making no separate Field Notes entries for June 27 and 28. (Return to text.)


2. This outline for general orders (this paragraph and next) that may have been issued at the mouth of the Kansas was written under the main body of preceding material and at right angles to the rest. (Return to text.)


3. Brief course and distance material under the main body of material above, written diagonally to the rest. (Return to text.)

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