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[Clark] [1]     

       White Catfish Camp 24th of July Tuesday.    a fair morning    the wind rose with the Sun & blows hard from the S.    thos Southerley Breezes are dry Cool & refreshing.    the Northerley Breezes which is more frequent is much Cooler, and moist, I continue my Drawing. Cap Lewis also ingaged prepareing Som paper to Send back,  [2] one of the men cought a white Catfish, the eyes Small, & Tale resembling that of a Dolfin.  [3]

White Catfish Camp 10 Ms. above Platt

       24th, of July 1804    Tuesday    a fair day    the wind blows hard from the South, the Breezes which are verry frequent on this part of the Missouri is cool and refreshing. Several hunters out to day; but as the game of all Kinds are Scarce only two Deer were brought in—    I am much engaged drawing off a map, Capt. Lewis also much engaged in prepareing Papers to Send back by a pirogue—    Which we intended to Send back from the river Plate—    observations at this place makes the Lattitude 41° 3' 19" North  [4]


       This evening Guthrege [Goodrich] Cought a white Catfish, its eyes Small & tale much like that of a Dolfin

Tuesday July 24th  [5]

       Sun symbol's Magnetic Azimuth by Circumftr.    S 85° E.



h      m      s
Time by Chronometer    A. M. 8      8      8
Altd. of Sun symbol's U. L. by Sextant 75°    5'    15"


       Tuesday 24th July 1804. Some rain wind blew from N. E.    4 men went to making ores for the Boat.    we found a Great quantity of Ripe Grapes at this place.


       tuesday July 24th    we mad Larg. and Long fags Staff and Histed it up    Histed ouer Collars in the morning for the Reseptions of Indians who we expected Hear    when the Rain and wind Came So that we wase forst to take it down    Sent 〈on〉 Some of ouer men out to Hunt Some ore timber for us to make Some ores as the timber of that Coind is verry Carse up the River    Continued Showery all day


       Tuesday July 24th 1804.    Some rain this morning    4 men went to makeing ores for the Batteaux.—


       Tuesday July 24th    We remained here this day, and had some Rain in the morning; 4 of our Men were sent out to make Oars for the Boat.    we employ'd ourselves in overhawling sundry Articles which we had in the Boat.—


1. Biddle's note at the head of this sheet of the Field Notes (reverse of document 36) reads, "July 22 to 27." (Return to text.)


2. If Lewis wrote any dispatches to Jefferson at this time, they have not been found. Some of the material he was preparing may be in the specialized journals (see Introduction and Appendix C). In any case, no dispatches were sent from Camp White Catfish. (Return to text.)


3. Perhaps the channel catfish, and if so, the captains can be credited with discovering the species. Cutright (LCPN), 74, 425. (Return to text.)


4. This latitude is a few minutes too far south. MRC map 23. (Return to text.)


5. Lewis's observation from Codex O. (Return to text.)

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