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       6th 〈August〉 Septr Thursday 1804, a Storm this morning from the N W. at day light which lasted a fiew minits, Set out after the Storm was over and proceeded on    a hard wind ahead    passed the [island] which is Seperated from the L. Side by a narrow Channel.    the morning is verry Cold.



Course W. 1 ˝ me. to a pt. of wood on the Starboard Side opsd. a Bluff.
N. 85 W 7   me. psd. a pt. on the S. S. at 1 ˝ mes. above which is large
Sand bars, on the L. S. high Clifts of Blue & redish Soft
rock,  [1] Colter joined us at this Clift—
  8 ˝  


       Camped on S. Side before night  [2]    no timbering in reach ahead, R. Fields killed 2 Deer    Saw Buffalow, & Goats this evening, the river riseing a little

6th Septr. 1804


Course Distance and reffeirencies

West 1 ˝ mes. to a pt. of wood on the S. S. opposit a Bluff
N. 85° W. 7   mes. passed a pt. on the S. S. at 1 ˝ mes. above which is a
large Sand bar.    on L. S. a high Clift of Blue & redish
Soft rock, Colter joined us
miles 8 ˝  



Septr. 6th Thursday 1804


       a Storm this morning from the N. W. which lasted a fiew minits, we Set out and proceeded on    passed the head of the Isd. which is Seperated from the L. S    by a narrow Channel, a hard wind from the N. W. a verry Cold day—    we Camped on the S. S. at the upper point of Some timber, Some time before night, no timber, no timber being in reach.


       I saw Several goats on the hills on the S. S. also Buffalow in great numbers—


       Thursday 6th    a cloudy morning    the wind from N. W. We Set off eairly, got fast Several times on the Sand bars.    could not make Much headway with the oars nor poles & were oblidged to cross over on N. S. & make use of the Towing line.—    the current Swift & Shallow.    we came to verry long Strait high Raged yallow L S. clifts S. S. Colter Came to the Boat    N. B. the Boat got fast on the Sand bar the L S. Swung the men all out    Got [whiskey?]    had not found Shannon nor the horses But had killed one Buffelow, one Elk 3 Deer one wolf 5 Turkies & one Goose—    one Beaver also    rainy & cold weather.—    Reuben Fields killed 1 Deer & 1 faun.—    we Camped at a handsome Bottom prarie on N. S. above a fine Grove of C. wood Timber.—


       Thursday 6th.    We set out early and had cloudy morning: passed a handsome bottom prairie on the north side; at the upper end of which is a grove of cotton wood, and a long range of dark coloured bluffs on the south side. About 9 o'clock it began to rain and we had strong wind ahead. There are a great number of sand bars, and we had much difficulty in getting along. We encamped on the north side and one of our men  [3] killed two deer.


       Thursday 6th Sept.    a cloudy morning.—    Several hunters out hunting.    colter joined us    had not found Shannon.    the hunters killed 1 Buffalow one Elk 3 Deer one woolf 1 Deer & four Turkies.    Camped on N. S.


       Thursday Septemr 6th    We started early this morning, it being cloudy weather; We sent out our hunters, in the Evening they returned; but had not found Shannon, the Man who was Missing; they brought in with them, One Buffalo, One Elk, three deer, One Wolf & four Turkies, we encamped on the North side of the River.—


1. The Niobrara Formation, overlain by Pierre Shale. (Return to text.)


2. In Charles Mix County, South Dakota, probably a little below the Knox-Boyd county line, Nebraska, on the opposite shore. Atlas map 19; MRC map 32. (Return to text.)


3. Reubin Field. (Return to text.)

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