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10th November Satturday 1804

       rose early    continued to build our fort    numbers of Indians Came to See us    a Chief Half Pania  [1] Came & brought a Side of a Buffalow, in return We Gave Some fiew small things to himself & wife & Son, he Crossed the river in the Buffalow Skin Canoo & and, the Squar took the Boat [NB: on her back] and proceeded on to the Town 3 miles    the Day raw and Cold wind from the N W, the Gees Continue to pass in gangues as also brant to the South, Some Ducks also pass


       Saturday 10th Nov. Cloudy & cold.    the 2nd Chief  [2] & a Squaw came from the 1st village down in a buffaloe hide cannoe.    brought us Som fat buffalow meat    we finished raising one line of our huts.    commenced hughing & Guttering the punchien for the purpose of covering the huts.


1. Probably The Coal, elsewhere described as an Arikara by birth. Clark again refers to the Arikaras as Pawnees. (Return to text.)


2. Probably Sho-ta-harro-ra, The Coal, the second chief of the Mandans and apparently an Arikara by birth, from Mitutanka. (Return to text.)

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