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25th of Novr. Sunday 1804

       a fine day warm & pleasent    Capt. Lewis 2 Interpeters & 6 men Set out to See the Indians in the different Towns & Camps in this neighbour hood, we Continu to Cover & dob our huts, two Chiefs Came to See me to day one named Wau-ke-res-sa-ra,  [1] a Big belley and the first of that nation who has visited us Since we have been here, I gave him a Handkerchef Paint & a Saw band, and the other Some fiew articles, and paid a perticular attention which pleased them verry much, the interpeters being all with Capt. Lewis I could not talk to them.    we Compleated our huts—    Several men with bad Colds, river fall 1˝ inch


       Sunday 25th Nov.    a pleasant morning. Capt. Lewis the 2 Intrepreters & Six men Set off this morning in order to go 24 miles abo. this place to a nation of Indians called the [blank]    Capt. Lewis & the Intr. Rode on horseback    5 men went in a pearogue up the the Missourie    The men employed compleating the huts &.C


1. Apparently Red Shield. See Ronda (LCAI), 91, for a discussion of the meeting and the day's events. (Return to text.)

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