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28th Novr. Wednesday 1804

       a cold morning wind from the N. W    river full of floating ice, began to Snow at 7 oClock a'm and continued all day    at 8 oClock the Poss-cop-so-he or Black Cat Grand Chief of the Mandans Came to See us, after Showing Those Chiefs many thing which was Curiossities to them, and Giveing a fiew presents of Curioes Handkerchiefs arm bans & paint with a twist of Tobaco they departed at 1 oClock much pleased, at parting we had Some little talk on the Subject of the British Trader Mr. Le rock Giveing Meadils & Flags, and told those Chiefs to impress it on the minds of their nations that those Simbells were not to be recved by any from them, without they wished incur the displieasure of their Great American Father—    a verry disagreeable day—    no work done to day    river fall 1 Inch to day


       Wednesday 28th Nov. Snowed hard the Greater part of last night. Snow this morning.    the wind from N. E.    the River falling. Gealousy between Mr Gisom  [1] one of our Intr. and George Drewyer last evening &.C.


1. Jusseaume. (Return to text.)

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