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21st December Friday 1804

       a fine Day worm and wind from the N W by W, the Indian whome I stoped from Commiting murder on his wife, thro jellousy of one of our interpeters, Came & brought his two wives and Showed great anxiety to make up with the man with whome his joulassey Sprung—    a womin brought a Child with an abcess on the lower part of the back, and offered as much corn as She Could carry for Some medison, Capt Lewis administered &c.


       Friday 21st Decr.    the morning clear & warm    we continued bringing & Setting pickets.    a nomber of the Savages came Staying about our Garrison espacally Several of the women.


       Friday 21st Decr.    Still pleasant and warm.    we continued on our work as usal &c.


       Friday Decemr. 21st    We had still pleasant Weather, and the Snow continued melting    all the Men were employed at fixing up the Pickets as usual.—

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