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3rd of January Thursday 1805

       Soome Snow to day; 8 men go to hunt the buffalow, killed a hare & wolf Several Indians visit us to day & a Gross Ventre came after his wife, who had been much abused, & come here for Protection.


       Thursday 3rd Jany. 1805. Snowed this morning, Several men went out hunting this morning as the Savages Informed us that the Buffalow were comming in towards the River, but they went out first with their horses & Scared them off after killing five of them.    one of our party killed a woolf    they Sd Saw a nomber of buffalow.    & killed one old Bull.—


       Thursday 3rd Jany. 1805    Some buffalow came near our fort, 9 men went out but killed none of them.    one of the men killed a butiful white hair  [1] which is common in this country.


       Thursday January 3d    This morning some Buffalo came near our fort, the officers sent out 9 Men to hunt them, they returned but had killed none, One of the hunters killed a beautiful white hare, which is common in this Country.—


1. Probably a white-tailed jackrabbit. (Return to text.)

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