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29th January Tuesday 1805

       Gave Jassome a Dost of Salts    we Send & Collect Stones and put them on a large log heap to heet them with a View of warming water in the Boat and by that means, Sepperate her from the Ices, our attempt appears to be defeated by the Stones all breaking & flying to peaces in the fire, a fine warm Day, we are now burning a large Coal pit,  [1] to mend the indians hatchets, & make them war axes, the only means by which we precure Corn from them—


       Tuesday 29th Jany. 1805. Clear & pleasant    all hands employed halling Stone on hand Sleds from a bluff below in order to heat a large nomber of Sizeable Stone & put warter in to the pearogues & barge & make the water hot with the Stone So as to git them loose but come to heat the Stone they flew in peaces as soon as they Got hot, So that we could not make use of them at all.


       Tuesday 29th.    We attemped another plan for getting our water craft disengaged from the ice: which was to heat water in the boats, with hot stones; but in this project we failed, as the stones we found would not stand the fire, but broke to pieces.


1. They were making charcoal in a pit to fuel the forge. Criswell, 25. (Return to text.)

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