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31st January Thursday, 1805

       Snowed last night, wind high from the N W.    Sawed off the boys toes Sent 5 men down the river to hunt with 2 horses, our interpeter Something better, George Drewyer taken with the Ploursey last evening    Bled & gave him Some Sage tea, this morning he is much better—    Cold disagreeable


       Thursday 31st Jany. 1805. Snowed the greater part of last night.    the wind high from N. W. the Snow flew    five men went out a hunting    took two horses with them.—


       Thursday 31st.    Some snow fell last night. Five hunters went out with two horses. In the morning the wind blew and was cold, toward the middle of the day the weather became moderate, and the afternoon was pleasant.


       Thursday January 31st    This morning we had a fresh wind from the N West, and the weather Cold, five of our hunters went out, and took two horses with them, in Order to hunt.    In the afternoon it got warm & pleasant weather.—

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