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1st of February Friday 1805

       a cold windey Day    our hunters returnd. haveing killed only one Deer, a war Chief of the Me ne tar ras Came with Some Corn    requested to have a War hatchet made, & requested to be allowed to go to war against the Souis & Ricarres who had Killed a mandan Some time past—    we refused, and gave reassons, which he verry readily assented to, and promised to open his ears to all we Said    this man is young and named (Seeing Snake—Mar-book, She-ah-O-ke-ah[)]  [1]    this mans woman Set out & he prosued her, in the evening


       Friday 1st day of Feby. 1805.    clear & cold.    one man went out a Short distance to hunt and killed a Deer    the hunters who went out yesterday returned    the weather being bad they killed nothing.—


       Friday 1st Feb. 1805.    A cold day. About 11 our hunters came home, but had killed nothing. One of the men at the fort went out a short distance, and killed a small deer. On the next day he went out and killed another deer. This and the third were cold.


       Friday February 1st    This morning we had pleasant weather.    about 11 o'Clock A. M. our Hunters came to the Fort, they had killed a number of Elk and Deer,—    One of our Men went out a small distance, and Shott a deer which he brought to the Fort, he then went out again and kill'd another Deer which he likewise brought into the Fort.


1. This seems to be from the Hidatsa words maapúkS with caron lowercase symbola, "snake" and kía, "to fear," perhaps translating to "fears the snake." (Return to text.)

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