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2nd of March 1805 Satturday

       a fine Day    the river brake up in places    all engaged about Something    Mr. La Rocque a Clerk of the N W Company visit us, he has latterly returned from the Establishments on the Assinniboin River with Merchindize to tarade with Indians—    Mr. L informs us the N, W. & X Y Companies have joined, & the head of the N W. Co. is Dead   Mr. McTavish of Monteral,— [1]    visted by the Coal & Several Indians


       Saturday 2nd March 1805.    a beautiful pleasant morning.    the Savages continue to visit us in Order to git their impliments of War made.    they bring us in pay corn and beans dryed meat & persimblans  [2] &.C.—


       Saturday March 2nd    This day we had fine Clear weather.    the Men are all employed in Cutting, wood, and Repairing & mending their Cloathes, dressing Deer & Elk Skins & making of mockasins &ca.—


1. Simon McTavish came to America from Inverness-shire, Scotland, before 1772, and was a fur trader in Albany, New York, moving to Montreal in 1775. He was one of the original partners of the North West Company in 1779, becoming head of the company "in fact, if not in name," and perhaps the richest man in Montreal. The X Y, or New North West Company was founded in part by North West men who broke with the old company in 1798–1800, because of disagreement with McTavish's policies. His death in 1804 apparently made the merger of the two firms possible. Wallace, 15–17, 485–86; Davidson, 69–91, passim. (Return to text.)


2. Persimmon, Diospyros virginiana L. (Return to text.)

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