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Fort Mandan
4th March Monday 1805

       a Cloudy morning    wind from the N W    the after part of the day Clear, visited by the Black Cat & Big White, who brought a Small present of meat, an Engage of the N W Co. Came for a horse, and requested in the name of the woman of the princapal of his Department  [1] Some Silk of three Colours, which we furnished—.    The Assinniboins who visited the Mandans a fiew Days ago returned and attempted to take horses of the Minetarres & were fired on by them—


       Monday 4th March 1805.    the wind high from the N. W.    a nomber of the Savages bring us dryed meat and corn. The day pleasant.


1. The "principal" may have been Charles Chaboillez, in charge of the Company's operations in the Assiniboine River. See above, October 31, 1804. (Return to text.)

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