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       18th of March 1805    a cold cloudy day    wind from the N.    I pack up all the merchindize into 8 packs equally derided So as to have Something of every thing in each Canoe & perogue    I am informed of a Party of Christanoes & assinniboins being killed by the Sioux, 50 in Number near the Estableishments on the assinniboin R. a fiew days ago (the effect of Mr. Cammeron, revenge on the Chipaway for Killing 3 of his men)    Mr. Tousent Chabono, Enlisted as an Interpreter this evening, I am not well to day.


       Monday 18th March 1805. Cloudy.    2 men came down from the peerogues for provisions.    2 men went up to Grossvantares. Capt. Clark went to packing up the Indian Goods—    2 men with him—

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