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Part 3: Miscellany


       The following are a collection of miscellaneous items that do not fit into other sections of this chapter. These notes were apparently made at Fort Clatsop or are related to the expedition since the party left Fort Mandan in April 1805.    Some show elements of the captains' attempts to determine the most expeditious route across the Rocky Mountains on the return trip.

[Clark] [1]     


Moriah River  [2] 47° 29' 10 4/10" N.
Lower part of the falls is in Latd. 47° 8' 4 5/10" N.
upper part of the rapids Latd. is 47° 3' 30 " N.
Forks of Jefferson 43    30    43
Travelers rest 46    48    28



Up the Missouri to the forks of Jefferson
River at the Portage
3096 miles
To the head of the river     24
To Columbia River  [3]     14 = 38
To the Forks of do     18
To the mouth of Tower Creek     14
To Fish Creek     23
To 〈Flat head〉 [NB: Clarks>] river 33 tents     41
To Travelers rest Creek     76
over the Snow mountains   160
To the Forks of Kos kos ke River     30  [4]
To the mouth of Kos kos kee River     60
To the mouth of Ki-moo-e-nim   140
To the great falls of Columbia   168
To Snake Indian River South Sd. 6 miles
abot the falls

To Timm or the long narrows       6
To the Cat-ter-ack River N. Side     23
To the Grand Shute (or Rapid)     42
To the little rapid at Strawberry Island
& last rapid

To Quick Sand river S. Side     26
To the Shallow Bey N. Side   136
To Cape Swells N. Side       6
  4149  [5]

[Clark] [6]     


From Clarks point of view
To Cape Disapointment
N 20° W
to Point adams North—
To Fort Clatsop— N E
to Cape Lookout is S 12° E
to a point at about 17 miles is S. 5 E [some letters illegible]



Wood river is Latd.     38° 55' 19" N.
                     Longtd. 89° 57' 45" W
Fort Mandan Latd.     47° 12' 47" N.
                     Longtd. 99 24 45 W.
Mouth of Columbia Latd.      46° 19' 11.1" N.
                     Longtd. 124 57     0    W.
Head of Missouris



Distance from Wisdom river to the forks of Jefferson
S. E. by E to the Creek—
     Philanty Rivr 5 miles S W—
     The 3 forks is 92 months [miles?] South of the Pine Island rapid at [blank] M
Course is [blank]
Wisdom river is 23 ½ miles South of the 3 forks    Course S. W
     The forks of Jefferson River is 32 miles South of Wisdom river.    Course S W [blank] miles
     from the mouth of the Columbia to the Wapp[ato Island?]  [7]

[Clark] [8]     

       To pass across from Travelers Rest Creek to the Missouri at the Mouth Dearbourns River is 400 Miles nearer than the route we Came    the Distance across is about 100 Miles Direct and about it is 648 miles by water and 548 by land  [9]


       From the Flathead tents across direct to the mouth of Wisdom River is 100 Miles, and Saves 180 Miles to the Missouri—    and this rout Saves about 140 to the Canoes at the Forks of Jeffersons River to pass this rout—


       up the Flathead river to the place we Met the first flat heads, thence on their trail to the Missouri River will be 140 miles nearer than around by the Snake Indian Villages on Lewis's River—


       From Travelers rest Creek to the 3 forks of the Missouri on a Direct line is S 55° E 169 miles


       From Same place to the Mouth of Wisdom R. is S. 38° 〈W〉 E 160 m


       To Pryor Vally Creek from Same place is S 67° E. 135 Miles

[Clark] [10]     


Ca-la-mox Chief is O co no  
Call a black rute She-ne-tock-we
   a black berry Shel-will
   a Liquorice root Cul-wha-mo
   whale E-cu-lah
   red berrys grow just over ground Sol-me
   Buzzard E-pe-ea  [11]



| 967


       From Flat head at the Mouth Travelers rest to Deerborn River at Missouri Save 548 100 by land Miles—of 648


       From Flat head Village to Wisdom river Save 193 Miles, 170 by land




[Lewis] [12]     

       Latitudes of certain points or places from Fort Mandan to Fort Clatsop.



Names of Places
Latitude N.
in° ' & "
No.   1.  [13] entrance of the Little Missouri— 47° 31' 26.2"
No.   7. on the Eastern bank of the Yellow stone river 2 M.
S E of it's Junction with the Missouri—
47° 59' 40.6"
No.   2. On Stard ¼ m. above the extremity of 3ed Couse
Apl. 14th

47  47  16.8
  17.  [14] On Lard. Shore middle of the 8th course of
May 11th—
47  25  33.6
  19. at Panther Camp wher our perogue upset.    took
     altd. of ☉ May 16th
47  13  51.2
  24. On Lard. shore 1 m. short of the extremity of the
     2d couse of May 27th
47  19  55.9
    Mouth of Maria's river by the Error of Instrument
     2° 11' 40" is in
47  56  25.3
No. 30 on Std. 5 M. below the R. M.— 47  46  50.2
No. 42 At the Rattlesnake bluff—on Lard. side 44  —[48.1?]


1. These notes in Clark's hand, giving various latitude readings and mileages from the Missouri to "Cape Swells" on Grays Bay in Wahkiakum County, Washington, appear on the front flyleaf and inside front cover of Codex G (the second item reading backwards). The figures here are frequently different from those in the daily journals. The identification of the place can be found at the end of part 1 of this chapter. (Return to text.)


2. Marias River. (Return to text.)


3. Not the Columbia itself but an affluent of that river and the men's first contact with its waters. Clark probably means the present Lemhi River or one of its branches. (Return to text.)


4. To the side of this entry is the figure, "3496" and under it two figures crossed out, "362" and "401." Perhaps subtotals but arithmetically incorrect. (Return to text.)


5. A correct total of these figures would be 4,109. (Return to text.)


6. This material immediately follows Clark's draft of his trip to the coast, January 6–10, 1806, in the little field book at the American Philosophical Society. The items are written in different directions on the page, but apparently in these three parts. (Return to text.)


7. This sentence is written sideways on the page. Similar wording is found toward the end of the material in part 1 of this chapter. (Return to text.)


8. This material is again from the draft field book; it follows the table of distances that duplicates the Codex I table in part 1 of this chapter. Clark appears to be trying to determine the most efficient route beyond Traveler's Rest on the return trip. (Return to text.)


9. To the side of this paragraph is the following observation. It may have been for January 8, 1806; see Lewis's entry of that day.

       Equal altituds the [blank] of January 1806 at Fort Clatsop



  h m   s     h m  s
A M 8 11 26.5   P M
  " 13 43.5    
  " 16   8.5    

 (Return to text.)


10. This material is found on the back cover of the draft field book and relates to linguistic information of ethnobotany and ethnozoology, and mileage calculations for the return trip. Some of the figures are uncertain, due to the faded ink. (Return to text.)


11. The term is Chinookan ípaSuperset symboluwi, "cormorant." Boas (Ch), 607. (Return to text.)


12. This is an undated, loose sheet in the Voorhis Collection of the Missouri Historical Society, giving selected latitudes from Fort Mandan to Fort Clatsop (see Appendix C, volume 2). These may be checked against those given in the journals and those in the table of distances in part 1 of Fort Clatsop Miscellany. The readings are not always in agreement among the various sources. (Return to text.)


13. In the margin are the following words which apply to the first three readings: "calculate with Lat. Error of 2° 11' 40"." (Return to text.)


14. In the margin are the following words which apply to readings for numbers 17, 19, and 24: "with error of 2° 40' —"." (Return to text.)

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