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Note: These images of portraits of Lewis and Clark are provided courtesy of Independence National Historic Park.

Lewis Portrait
Portrait of Meriwether Lewis

Clark Portrait
Portrait of William Clark


Note: These images are National Archives photos (courtesy of the Gallery of the Open Frontier) dating from the 1860s through the 1890s—long after the Corps of Discovery passed through the homelands of the Native nations that are depicted. The images are included to give a sense of the vibrancy and enduring nature of the Native cultures the expedition encountered. Despite many far-reaching and often tragic changes that occurred in the decades following the Corps of Discovery's travels, these cultures persisted. The images do not, of course, represent actual individuals or villages encountered by the expedition.

Arapaho Camp
Arapaho Camp.

Arapaho Camp
Arapaho Camp, 1868 (pencil notation reads, 'Comanche')

Seger Colony
Cheyennes and Arapahos at Seger Colony. As they lived in 1886.

Sioux Campaign
Scene during the Sioux Campaign. Assinniboine Indians, MT.

Assinniboine Family
Assinniboine Indian family and teepee, MT.

Assinniboine Indians
Assinniboine Indians, MT.

Assinniboine Indians
Assinniboine Indians, MT.

Assinniboine Indians
Assinniboine Indians.

An Assinniboine Indian—MT.

Cheyenne Lodges
Cheyenne Lodges with buffalo meat drying. (Pencil Notation Reads: "William S. Soule" and "Arapaho camp near Fort Dodge, Kansas").

Flatmouth, Head Chief of the Leech Lake band Chippewas.

Castle Rock
Castle Rock or "McLeod's Castle," right bank of Columbia River. (Cascades of the Columbia)

Columbia Cascades
Cascade on left bank Columbia River (Cascades of the Columbia)

Crow Indians
Group of Crow Indians seated in front of a tepee.

Flathead Family
Flathead Indian Family

Great Falls
Great Missouri Falls in 1867—now called the great falls of Missouri.

Pacer (Peso, Essa-queta)
Pacer (Peso, Essa-queta), a Kiowa-Apache chief; wearing earrings.

Mandan and Arikara delegation

Looking Glass
Looking Glass, a Nez Perce chief, on horseback in front of a tepee

Pawnee and Home
Pawnee and home

Chief Washakie
Chief Washakie (Shoots-the-Buffalo-Running) of the Shoshones.

Pine Ridge
Bird's eye view of Sioux camp at Pine Ridge, SD.

Sioux village
Indian War Photograph. A Sioux Indian village.

Sioux Village
Sioux village on Laramie River - Nebraska.


Note: These images are provided by the Library of Congress.

Moving camp—Atsina
Several Atsina on horses with travois behind them, tipis in background.

Wishham fisherman
Tlakluit Indian, standing on rock, fishing with dip net.

Mandan bull boat
Mandan bull boat

New Chest—Piegan
New Chest, half-length portrait, facing forward.

Wishham woman
Tlakluit woman, half-length portrait, facing front, wearing a heavily beaded buckskin dress, several necklaces, beads, shells, dentalium-shell nose ornament and a headdress of beads and hollow-centered Chinese coins.

Atsina camp scene
Tipis on plains.

Piegan Lodge interior
Lissle Plume (r) and son Yelloe Kidney (c) seated on ground inside tipi, with woman.

Rush Gatherer
Indian woman holding rushes.

Bear's Teeth
Bear's Teeth, Arikara, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front, wearing headband.

Hidatsa man
Hidatsa Indian posed, standing, full-length, draped with blanket, facing front; with mountain in background. "Holds the Eagle" on verso.

Rabbit Head — Hidatsa
Hidatsa Indian posed, head and shoulders, facing right.

Hidatsa woman
Hidatsa Indian woman posed, head and sholders, facing front. "Mrs. White Duck" on verso.

Atsina Indian
Atsina Indian on horse pulling travois

Flathead child
Salish Indian boy, posed, wearing costume and headdress.

On the beach—Chinook
American Indian woman standing holding a basket on beach.

Lewis and Clark Landing Place
Lewis and Clark's landing place at Nihhluidih. Chinook Indian standing on river bank, Columbia River Valley.

Yakima boy
Portrait of a Yakima boy, half-length, seated, with loose hair, a cloth shirt, shell beads, and a fur strip around his shoulders.

Yakima mat lodge
Photograph shows reed mat covered tepee in grassy field, Washington.

Wishham woman
Chinookan Indians: Tlakluit; Washington. Landscape, portrait, woman, full length, facing right, standing, wearing beaded buckskin dress.

Wasco Indian
Half-length portrait of Indian with decorated face, feather and bead ornaments, seated, facing right, The Dalles, Oregon.

Bear rattles
Rattles of Arikara bear medicine men.

Arikara woman
Arikara woman, half-length portrait, facing front.

Indian, three-quarter length portrait, seated, facing right, in native dress.

Studio portrait of an Indian, possibly Salish (Flathead), half-length, seated, facing right, wearing feathered headdress.

Native with dugout canoe
Native with dugout canoe — Celilo-Columbia River, 1897 / [Gi]fford, The Dalles, Or. Indian, possibly Wasco, seated on a long canoe.

Po-ca-tel-lo, Yakima or Umatilla
Po-ca-tel-lo, Yakima or Umatilla Indian, from Oregon, half-length portrait, facing right.

White Shield
White Shield, Arikara, half-length portrait, facing left.

Iron Shell
Walter Iron Shell, Lakota, Sioux tribe, half-length portrait, facing front in traditional clothing.

Walter Iron Shell
Walter Iron Shell, Lakota or Sioux tribe, half-length portrait, facing right, in traditional clothing.

Crow Chief
Crow chief, half-length portrait, facing right.

Black Eagle — Assiniboin
Black Eagle, full-length portrait, standing, facing front, wearing buffalo hide, holding wing of bird.

Red Whip
Red Whip, Atsina man, half-length portrait, seated, facing front, wearing feather, beaded buckskin shirt, holding pipe in left hand.

Bear's Belly
Bear's Belly, Arikara Indian, half-length portrait, facing front, wearing buckskin

Bear Legs
Bear Legs, an Osage Indian, half-length portrait, seated, facing front.

Joseph Dead Feast Lodge
Joseph Dead Feast Lodge—Nez Percé

The whaler—Clayoquot
Nootka Indian standing on shore with spear.

Crow Chief's Daughter
Piegan girl standing in doorway of tepee, wearing beaded buckskin dress, Montana.

The Grizzly Bear
The Grizzly Bear, Piegan, half-length portrait, facing front.

Running Owl's family
Running Owl's family (Piegan), adult woman and two daughters seated on rug floor of lodge, wearing beaded cloth dresses.

At the water's edge
A Young Arikara Indian stands in shallow water, wearing buckskin dress, with trees in background, North Dakota.

Young Indian
Young Indian (Quinault), head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front, wearing shell ornaments.

Wades in Water
Wades in Water, Piegan Indian, full-length portrait, seated on floor, facing front, with braids, beaded buskskin shirt and leggings, beads with ermine tail trim.

Three Eagles
Three Eagles, a Nez Percé man, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left.

Substitute sacred headdress
Piegan woman, half-length portrait, seated, facing front, wearing headdress made of ermine tails, feathers, and bunches of grass.

Dusty Dress
Kalispel Indian woman, half-length portrait, facing front, seated, wrapped braids, white stripes painted on hair, shell disk earrings, wearing blanket dress decorated with elks' teeth.

Head-and-shoulders portrait of a Crow man.

Flint Smoker's daughter
Piegan woman seated on ground in open field.

Wild Gun
Three-quarter length portrait of Piegan family.

Legend of the peace pipe
Siksika man with calumet and young boy inside tipi.

Mandan earthen lodge
Earthen lodge, with bull boat by doorway, North Dakota.

Yellow Horse
Yellow Horse—Yanktonai, half-length portrait, standing, facing slightly right, with long braids, two eagle feathers in hair, wrapped in buffalo skin.

Nez Percé man
Nez Percé man, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front, wearing bead necklack, with blanket over shoulder.

Standing Buffalo
Standing Buffalo, Winnebago man, reclining on ground, rifle across leg

Big Winnebago Jim
Winnebago man, three-quarter length portrait, facing front, seated, wrapped in blanket.

Blood camp
Woman walking among painted tipis.

Sioux brave — "Stampede"
Dakota man, half-length portrait, facing front.

Wife of Mnainak
Yakima woman, half-length portrait, facing front.

Susie Shot in the Eye
Susie Shot in the Eye, a Sioux Indian, half-length portrait, seated, facing left, at the Indian Congress of the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition.

Two Kill
Piegan woman, full-length portrait, seated on blankets inside tipi(?), facing front.

Wishham Petroglyphs
Wishham Petroglyphs.

Eagle Child
Eagle Child, Atsina man, half-length portrait, facing front.

Yurok author, Lucy Thompson, half-length portrait, seated, facing slightly right.

Scout Mobiel, in Kiowa war time costume
Elk Tongue (Scout Mobiel?), wearing war bonnet while carrying shiled and bow, on horseback, facing right.

Arikara Medicine Ceremony
Three Arikara men, members of the medicine fraternity, dancing, painted to represent ducks and holding rushes.

Ma-Has-Kah or White Cloud, an Ioway chief, head and shoulders portrait, facing slightly left.

Shout-At, half-length portrait, facing left, wearing breastplate and war bonnet.

Hoo-Wan-Ne-Ka, Winnebago man
Hoo-Wan-Ne-Ka, half-length portrait, facing right, holding tomahawk.

Payta-Kootha, a Shawanoe warrior, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing slightly right / drawn, printed and coured at I.T. Bowen's Lithographic Establishment.

Tah-Ro-Hon — an Ioway warrior, half-length portrait, facing left, holding calumet (peace pipe), wearing medallion / drawn, printed & coloured at I.T. Bowen's Lithographic Establishment


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