Educational Sites

National Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commemoration
Cartographic, ethnographic, and natural history materials. Includes a complete schedule of National signature events as well as recommended links in the areas of American Indian nations, trail information, and student and teacher resources. The National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial aims to promote educational programs, cultural sensitivity and harmony, and the sustaining stewardship of natural and historical resources along the route of the Expedition.

Trail Tribes
Cartographic and ethnographic materials. Produced by the Lifelong Learning Project at the University of Montana, a group who works collaboratively with tribes to produce top quality, primary resource materials about Native American culture and history. Features material on the tribes located along the Lewis and Clark trail route and provides information on relevant maps and films.

Rivers, Edens, and Empires: Lewis and Clark and the Revealing of America
Cartographic and ethnographic materials. A virtual tour of the Rivers, Edens, and Empires exhibit from the Northwest Gallery of the Library of Congress's Thomas Jefferson Building. Draws upon the Library's rich collections of exploration material to feature the trek of the Corps of Discovery as a culmination in the quest to connect the East and the West by means of a waterway passage. Includes materials related to the Native groups, animals, and plants that Lewis and Clark encountered.

PBS Online: Lewis and Clark
Cartographic and ethnographic materials. Features articles on sixteen Native American tribes who had the most interaction with the expedition. Contains audio files from a panel of experts offering their responses to various expedition issues. Includes lesson plans and an interactive trail map.

Discovering Lewis and Clark
Cartographic, ethnographic, and natural history materials. Developed by numerous individuals with funding from the Montana Committee for the Humanities, Montana Cultural Trust, Lee Enterprises, National Endowment for the Humanities, Oregon Council for the Humanities, and the National Park Service. Features journal excerpts, natural history lessons, aerial photos of the trail, discussions of important issues in the history of the American West, and information about modern-day Native American tribes.

Lewis and Clark as Naturalists
Cartographic and natural history materials. The Smithsonian Institution site portrays the expedition's interaction with the natural world. Browse by state, species, or date collected. Includes lesson plans for elementary through high school students. Features an interactive map.

Resources for Research

History Cooperative
Provides access to history journals, full-text articles, and a discussion board.

We Proceeded On
The official publication of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Inc.

The Western Historical Quarterly
Information about Utah State University's journal.

The Gallery of the Open Frontier
Digital library of images of the American West drawn primarily from the National Archives.

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
Information about the agency that manages all federal records. Includes lesson plans based on documents of the expedition.

Travel Sites

Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Inc.
This foundation—the largest and oldest organization dedicated to Lewis and Clark—works to promote the expedition's story and protect the trail.

Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail
Produced by the National Park Service, this site promotes Lewis and Clark events and provides contact information for visitor centers, historic sites, national parks, and attractions along the trail. Includes curriculum guides and learning activities for children.

Lewis and Clark Historic Landscape Project
A Web site developed by the University of Missouri's Geographic Resources Center, in partnership with the Missouri State Archives and the Office of the Missouri Secretary of State with the primary goals to geo-reference, digitize, and map all retrievable information from the Lewis and Clark journals and the 18th and 19th century land survey notes along the Big River Corridors of the state of Missouri. Contains rich geographic material and interactive maps.

Lewis & Clark Bicentennial in Oregon
Oregon's official Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Web site. Includes a complete calendar of Oregon events and classroom resources. Features a detailed map of Oregon sites and advice on conducting a self-guided tour.

Lewis & Clark Fort Mandan Foundation
Provides visitor information for Fort Mandan and the North Dakota Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. The Corps of Discovery spent the winter of 1804 in this part of North Dakota.

Lewis and Clark in Idaho
Idaho's official Web site commemorating the Lewis and Clark expedition. Plan a trip along the Lewis and Clark trail in Idaho, the homeland of Sacajawea. Includes maps and information on the Nez Perce, Lemhi Shoshoni, and Salish tribes.

Museum of Idaho
Beginning October 12, 2004, the Museum of Idaho will be hosting a 2000 sq. ft. exhibit, featuring a Lemhi Shoshone village and other Indian and Lewis and Clark items. The exhibit will run through 2006.

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