Additional Readings

The following recommended readings are not currently online. Please check your local library for availability.

"Landscape Change at the Confluence: From Lewis and Clark to the Present" by John L. Allen in North Dakota History 69.2–4 (2002): 2–23.

"Snake Frontiers: The Eastern Shoshones in the Eighteenth Century" by Colin G. Calloway in Annals of Wyoming 63.3 (1991): 82–92.

"Some Medical Aspects of the Lewis and Clark Expedition" by Cindy Fent in North Dakota History 53.1 (1986): 24–28.

"'To Acquire What Knolege You Can': The Scientific Contributions of Lewis and Clark" by Robert McCracken Peck in South Dakota History 34.1 (2004): 5–27.

"An Introduction to the History of the Fur Trade on the Northern Plains" by W. Raymond Wood in North Dakota History 61.3 (1994): 2–6.

"John Thomas Evans: An Overlooked Precursor to Lewis and Clark" by W. Raymond Wood in North Dakota History 68.2 (2001): 27–37.

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