Following are excerpts of an interview with editor Gary E. Moulton.

To play the video files, you will need to download QuickTime Player if it is not already available on your computer.

•  A narrated segment introducing Moulton and the journal project

•  A description of the process of editing the journals (Read transcript)

•  Comments on the writing styles of Lewis and Clark (Read transcript)

•  Moulton discusses the enlisted men's journals (Read transcript)

•  Why the story of the expedition still captivates people (Read transcript)

•  How the journal editing project came to the University of Nebraska (Read transcript)

•  Why Moulton is personally involved in the commemoration of the expedition (Read transcript)

•  Why people are so excited about the bicentennial of the expedition (Read transcript)

Interview courtesy of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Office of University Communications.

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