Online Editorial Procedures

The online edition of the Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition follows the editorial procedures of the Nebraska edition of the Lewis and Clark journals edited by Gary E. Moulton, with the following exceptions: (Read the complete editorial procedures for the print edition.)

All entries for a given date—including Lewis's, Clark's, and those of the enlisted men—appear together as one file in the online edition. The exception are the entries for May 14, 1804, which have been placed in two files: one containing entries written before the men left Camp Dubois and the other for entries written after their departure.

The author's name for each entry is given in brackets at the head of the entry. Multiple versions of any entry written by the same author have been placed in the apparent order of preparation. Undated material is placed after dated material. For example, the entry dated "ca. January 21, 1804," appears after the last entry dated January 21, 1804. Entries that span more than one date are usually placed after the entry for the first day in the date range. For example, Whitehouse's entry dated "Saturday 5th Sunday 6 Monday 7 Tuesday 8 January" (of 1805) is placed between the entries for January 5 and January 6. If no apparent order exists for an entry, we have preserved the order taken from the Nebraska print edition.

If the same item has been annotated from Lewis's entry as well as from Clark's or from the enlisted men's, the first appending footnote has been retained and the redundant notes have been removed.

References to previous or later material found in the online edition are made to dated journal entries rather than to a published volume, chapter, or note.