December 4, 1803
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December 4, 1803


Set out this morning before Sunrise at ¾ of a mile passed the mouth of a Small Creek Called Gabia, [1] at the mouth of this Creek is the landing place for the Tradeing Boats of St Genevieve, a Small town Situated on the Spurs of the high land at ¾ of a mile distant nearly South    This Village contains (as I am informed) about 120 families, principally French,— above the mouth of this Creek the high lands approach the river, Several French families are Setled near the bank, above the Creek, opposit this settlement and above the upper Point of the Island a Creek mouths on the Starbd. side [2]    (2) at ¾ of a mile above Gabia Creek the high lands juts to the river and form a most tremendious Clift of rocks    near the Commencement of this Clift I saw a Cave, [3] the mouth of which appeared to be about 12 feet Diameeter, and about 70 foot above the water.       (3) at 2 miles passed the mouth of a Small Creek [4] on the Larbd. side, opposit the upper point of a small Island; and lower point of a large Isld. situated opposit Old fort Charters    (4) came to on the lower point of a Small Isld. Lbd. side immediately opposit the Old Fort and took (tho not as accurate as I could wish) meridian altitude of ☉' L. L. found it 59° 58 m 0    opposit this Island close on the Larbd. side is an Island abt. ¾ of a mile long, at 1 oClock passed the upepr Point of Ft. Chartes Isle.    from this point I had a view of two sides of the Fort, which at the distance of about 2 miles and a half

The chanel which forms the Island next to the fort is intirely dry, and appears to be filling up with Sand and mud, the River at this place is wide, and remarkably Streight washing the base of the clifts of the high land of about 250 feet above the surfice of the River,—    Pass Several Small Creeks on the Larbd Side, came to on the lower point of an Island near the Larbd. Side and opposit a large Creek on the Starbd Side [5]

December 4th
Course Time Distance Remaks. & refurncs.
  h m h [miles]  
N. 60° W. 0 42   1 ¾ To pt. on Lbd. side    psd. upr. pt. Isl. of 3 mil:
long (1)
N. 50° W. 0 57   1 ½ To the pt. on Stbd. Side a Clift of Rock, on Lbd.
Side (2)
N. 43° W. 5 54 13 ¼ To pt. of an Isld Lbd Side, pd. cave Lbd. 2 Isl:
Lbd. Side (3); psd. Isl: Stbd, Ft Charters
N. 38° W. 1 38   2 ¾ (4)—To pt. of Isl Lbd. Side a Creek on Stbd Side
near opposit
  9 11 19 ¼  
1. North and South Gabourie creeks run just above and below Ste. Genevieve. The name is perhaps taken from Laurent Gabourie, an early French settler. Houck, 1:339. (back)
3. Perhaps what is shown as Gray's Cave on Raynolds & Simpson, map 5. (back)
4. This may be Frenchman Creek. (back)
5. This camp was in Jefferson County, Missouri. The island may be Lee Island, and the creek Marystown Creek, in Monroe County, Illinois. Ibid., map 4. (back)