December 10, 1803
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December 10, 1803


At the landing opposite the town of Cahokia, and a little above its mouth took Meridian Altd. of ☉'s U. Limb.— found it 57° 46' 30"—    the sun was reather dim, therefore it possible that this obsevation may have been liable to a small error—

Latd. pr. this obstn.—    38°    38'    9" [1]

Course h m  
N. 32 E 1 27 2 ½ to St. Louis on the Lardb Side, passed the mouth
of a Creek or Beyou on the Stbd & a Creek on the Lbd. [2]
1. This line appears to be Lewis's handwriting. (back)
2. This entry is not very informative, but apparently the expedition moved upstream from Cahokia to a point in present St. Clair County, Illinois, directly opposite St. Louis. This would be in the area of modern East St. Louis. (back)