December 19-20, 1803
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December 19-20, 1803


Blaize Cenas.    H. Baker    95—[12th ?]    Mr Wharton, Lawler.

[Mr] Andrew McFarlane [hav]ing informed me that he was about to make application to the general government 〈for〉 to be remunerated for certain losses he sustained on his farm by the troops which were 〈stationed〉 cantoned on it under the comd of Genl Mor[gan] during the fall and winter 1794 and spring 1795 and being myself present during the whole of that period—    I am induced to give the following statment 〈of facts which fell within the perview of my own observation〉 to be used by him as he may think most expedient [2]

1. Undated material in Lewis's hand at a right angle to the material directly above, placed here by location. (back)
2. Apparently a rough draft for a letter in response to MacFarlane's request. Lewis served with the army under General Daniel Morgan that was engaged in putting down the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 in western Pennsylvania. This letter was presumably to help MacFarlane recover his losses from the government. Baldwin (WR). (back)