January 6, 1804
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January 6, 1804


Jany. 6th    I was up last night at 12 to right the Boat    the banks were Caveing in, which made it necessary to fix the pries frequently, this morning early I fixed the pries, and large Pees of the bank sliped in, which obliged all hands to, go Down & make all secure    I ordered those men who had fought got Drunk & neglected Duty to go and build a hut for a Wo[man] who promises to wash & Sow &c. I Spoke to the men on the Subject of my order, ☉ U L with quade. to day was is 1° 1' 1" ad +    a hog found in the Prairie by some men & they Skined [it]    I send out Shields to enquire in the neighbourhood whoes hog it was & inform me. Thermometer at, 12 oClock 31 above 0 at 4 oCk at 30° above (0) [1]

6th Jany    The banks about the Boat Continue to Cave in, which causes great attention in me to prevent the Boats getting injered by any one part falling more than another—    the Sawyears, come on to day better than usial, Whitehouse & Reed, agree better than they did last week—or in other Words Re[ed] Saws better from practice.

1. Two astronomical calculations are crossed out in the lower right-hand corner of the page at this point. They are not printed here. "Say (11)" is used at the end of this paragraph (bottom of document 5) and at the beginning of the next (top of document 6), perhaps to keeping the papers in order. (back)