January 15, 1804
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January 15, 1804


Sunday 15th Jany:    river falling & runs still with Ice, I took the M—altitude of ☉ L L. & made it 60° 33' 50" N, at Sun Set Maj Rumsey [1] the Comsy arrived with Some provisions in a waggon of Mr. Todd, [2] Seven or Eight men followd the waggon Intoxicated from the whiskey they receced [received] of R—[Ramey, Rumsey?] on the way out of the barrel which was for the Party, I ordered a Gill to each man    a Cold night    the Wag: in passing the Lowr Prarie which was Covrd. with Ice Suft [sufficiently] Strong to bear the teem but not the waggon which caused it to be dift [difficult] to pass

1. Nathan Rumsey was agent for Elijah G. Galusha, contractor for army rations in the area. Jackson (LLC), 1:168 n. 1. In the margin at this point are some illegible jottings. (back)
2. Several farmers named Todd lived in the American Bottom north of the river Dubois camp. Osgood (FN), 17–18 n. 3. (back)