January 26, 1804
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January 26, 1804

Thursday 26th Jany 1804    a Cloudy warm Day    I am verry unwell all day, Gibson Killed two Deer, R. field one, the men Kill Racoons [1] [ten? hen?] Rabits &. in great quantity, verry little Ice running to day    the fessic I took yesterday work to day. The men make a Sled to haul wood    one man Stay out to night (Winser)    I direct a Slay to be built to haul things from the Countrey & Fdy. 26th [2] To Stow away in the Boat [3]
Kegs In I
  45 for pok 18 long 10 Thick
  50 for flour 24    " 15     "
  18 whisky 15 12     "
    7 Corn    
1. Procyon lotor. Hall, 2:967–72. (back)
2. The words "Fdy. 26th" are apparently directions to the next entry, showing Clark's confusion of dates. (back)
3. This material, in the lower left-hand corner of the obverse of document 8, is apparently a plan for stowing supplies on the keepboat. (back)