February 20, 1804
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February 20, 1804


The Commanding officer directs that during the absence of himself and Capt. Clark from Camp, that the party shall consider themselves under the immediate command of Sergt. Ordway, who will be held accountable for the good poliece and order of the camp during that period, and will also see the susequent parts of this order carried into effect—

The sawyers will continue their work untill they have cut the necessary quantity of plank, the quantity wanting will be determined by Pryor; during the days they labour they shall recieve each an extra gill of whiskey pr. day, and be exempt from guard duty; when the work is accomplished, they will join the party and do duty in common with the other men.—

The Blacksmiths [2] will also continue their work untill they have completed the [articles?] contained in the memorandam with which I have furnished them, and during the time they are at work will recieve each an extra gill of whiskey pr. day and be exempt from guard duty; when the work is completed they will return to camp and do duty in common with the detatcment.—

The four men who are engaged in making sugar will continue in that employment untill further orders, and will recieve each a half a gill of extra whiskey pr. day and be exempt from guard duty.—

The practicing party will in futer discharge only one round each per. day, which will be done under the direction of Sergt. Ordway, all at the same target and at the distance of fifty yards off hand. The prize of a gill of extra whiskey will be received by the person who makes the best show at each time of practice.—

Floyd will take charge of our quartes and store and be exempt from guard duty untill our return, the commanding Officer hopes that this proof of his confidence will be justifyed by the rigid performance of the orders given him on that subject.—

No man shal absent himself from camp without the knowledge and permission of Sergt. Ordway, other than those who have obtained permission from me to be absent on hunting excurtions, and those will not extend their absence to a term by which they may avoid a tour of guard duty, on their return they will report themselves to Sergt. Ordway and recieve his instructions—

No whiskey shall in future be delivered from the Contractor's store except for the legal ration, and as appropriated by this order, unless otherwise directed by Capt. Clark or myself—

Meriwether Lewis Capt.
1st U. S. Regt. Infty.

Sergt. Ordway will have the men peraded this evening and read the inclosed orders to them— [3]

M. Lewis

1. The first of the Detachment Orders (see Appendix C). Sergeant Ordway was left in charge because no other sergeants had yet been appointed, and Ordway, who had been serving in the regular army, already held the rank and was an experienced soldier. (back)
2. John Shields and Alexander Willard were the expedition's blacksmiths, Shields being particularly versatile. Lewis to Henry Dearborn, January 15, 1807, Jackson (LLC), 1:367, 372 n. 26; Russell (FTT), 39, 41, 358–61. (back)
3. These lines were placed on the back of the sheet after it was folded. The orders are endorsed "To Floyd" in Lewis's hand and "1804 Merryweather Lewis" in an unknown hand. (back)