various dates, December 4, 1803–March 29, 1804
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Aug 30, 1803 Sep 30, 1806

various dates, December 4, 1803–March 29, 1804 [1]


Decr. 4th [1803]    this day drew in favour of William Morrison or the Secretary of War draught dated Jany 1st 1804 payable 3 days after sight for $136—

No. 2—on the Setr. of War for 33$ forwarded Gover harrison [2] in favor of it being for flagg stuf sent me by the govn. and was drawn payable 3 days after sight.— dated 25th Febr—

No. 3 4 & 5. for 500$ each and left blank as to the name of the person in whos favour they wer drawn, and sent to Mr. Pike [3] for negociation    were dated on the 28th of March 1804.    these draughts wer not negocitated but were returned me and distroyed— [4]

No. 6. drawn in favor of Mr. John Hay dated March 29th 1804 Cahokia—for the sum of 159$ 81½ Cents.—on Secty. of war.

No. 3 [5] of which duplicates were signed for 1,500$ fifteen hundred dollars on the War Department, in favor of Charles Gregoire [6] or order, dated St. Louis March 28th 1804.—

1. These accounts, from Codex P, p. 137, are placed according to the last date. The page is crossed out. (back)
2. William Henry Harrison, the future president, was at this time governor of Indiana Territory. (back)
3. Possibly Zebulon Montgomery Pike, the future explorer, then an army lieutenant. The name appears in other financial records of the expedition, always without a first name; Pike may have been acting as a paymaster. Clark to Lewis [April 1804], Charles Gratiot to William Morrison, May 12, 1804, Jackson (LLC), 1:175, 176 n. 4, 189. (back)
4. The last sentence is crowded in and the ink is a different shade, perhaps indicating a later addition. (back)
5. This final paragraph also appears to be a later addition. (back)
6. Charles Gregoire was a resident of Ste. Genevieve. Financial Records of the Expedition [August 5, 1804], ibid., 2:420, 429 n. 3. (back)