April 7, 1804
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April 7, 1804


Satturday 7th    Set out at 7 oClock in a Canoo with Cap Lewis my servant york & one man    at ½ past 10 arrived at St Louis, Dressed & Dined with Capt Stoddard, & about 50 Gentlemen, a Ball Succeeded, which lasted untill 9 oClock on Sunday  no business to day—


During the absence of the Commanding officers' at St. Louis, the Party are to Consider themselves under the immediate command of Sergt. John Ordway, who will be held accountable for the Poliece; and good order of the Camp, dureing that period. Every individual of the party will Strictly attend to all the necessary duties required for the benefit of the party; and to the regulations heretofore made which is now in force. Sergt. Floyd will stay in our quarters, attend to them, and the Store; and to the other duties requred of him; he will also assist Sergt. Ordway as much as possable.—

Signed [2]
Wm. Clark
Meriwiether Lewis

1. A portion of this order in Clark's hand is also on a fragment of letter paper. Of the legible words on that sheet, no substantial differences have been noted. See Appendix C. (back)
2. The signatures are also in Ordway's hand. (back)