April 13, 1804
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April 13, 1804


Friday 13th    arrived at Camp at 10 oClock A. M. all is well [1]

The 13th of April 1804    at 10 oClock I arrived in Majr. Rumseys boat from St Louis, with Sundery articles for our voyage, a Cloudy day    I hoist a Flag Staff, After part of the day fair, river falling    I give out to the men Lead, Powder, & an extra gill of Whiskey—    5$ of Cap Lew at St Louis

1. This much of the April 13 entry is at the bottom of document 10 of the Field Notes, immediately after the April 12 daily entry. This rest is on document 11. At the head of that document is the word "Journal," apparently in Clark's hand. (back)