May 4, 1804
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May 4, 1804


Friday 4th    a rainey Day, much Shooting    Several Boats pass down to day—    the river riseing a little    I send two men to St. Louis with letters Maps    Salt & [Linen?] [1]


Orders, Wareington, Frasier, Boley, & the Detachment late from Captain Stoddards Company will form a mess under the direction of the Corporal, who shall be held accountable for their conduct in Camp.—

Orders. The Sergeants are to mount as officers of the Day During the time we Delay at this place, and whilst on Duty to Command the Detachment in the absence of the Commanding officer—    he is to see that the Guard doe their Duty, and that the Detachment attend to the regulations heretofore made and those which may be made from time to time. No man of the Detachment Shall leave Camp without permission from the Commanding officer present, except the French Hands who have families maybe allowed to Stay with their families whilst at this Island

Sergt. Ordway for Duty to Day.    Sergt. Floyd tomorrow & Sergt. Pryor the next day—

Signed [2] Wm. Clark
Capt. Commdg.

1. Conceivably, salt and linen were items the two men were to obtain in St. Louis. The last word might be "Lewis," but if so, the meaning is hard to discern. (back)
2. Ordway also signed for Clark. (back)