May 19, 1804
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May 19, 1804


Satturday    May the 19th 1804    a Violent Wind last night from the W. S W, Suckceeded by rain with [which] lasted Som hours, a Cloudy Morning, many persons Came to the boat to day    I took equal altitudes.    mar time 76° 33' 7"

A M— 8 12' 50" P M. 3 45 59
" 8 14   9 " 3 46 22
" 8 15 30 " 3 47 41

I heard of my Brothers illness to day which has given me much Concurn, [1] I settle with the men and take receipts for Pay up to the 1st of Decr. next, I am invited to a ball in the Village, let Several of the men go,— [2]    R Fields Kill a Deer    George Drewyear returned with a hundred Dollars, he lost


We the Subcribes do acknowledge to have received of Capt. 〈following〉 Several Sums mentioned against our respective names, in Liew of Cloathing and rations not Drawn, and Due us for the respective periods herein expressed—for which we have Signed triplicate receipts this 19th of May 1804    St Charles

of Service
Term paid
mon Day
Day & Mo
Do Cts.
Signer Names Witness

A Violent Wind last night from the W. S. W. accompanied with rain which lasted about three hours    Cleared away this morn'g at 8 oClock, I took receipt for the pay of the men up to the 1 St. of Decr. next, R. Fields Kill a Deer to day, I recve an invitation to a Ball, it is not in my power to go. George Drewyer return from St Louis and brought 99 Dollars, he lost a letter from Cap Lewis to me, Seven Ladies visit me to day

Took equal altituds of ☉ L. L & made it 76° 33' 7"

  h ' "   h ' "
A M 8 12 20 P M 3 45 49
  8 14   9   3 46 22
  8 15 30   3 47 41

Error of Sexton as usial—


Saturday May 19th 1804.    a Rainy day    Capt Lewis arived, Capt Stoddard & Lieut. Worrell came with him [4]


Saturday may 19th 1804    a Rainey day    Capt Lewis Joined us—


Saturday 19th May 1804.    a rainy wet morning.    Capt. Lewis and Some of the officers from St. Louis arived here this afternoon. [5]    we made ready for a Start &c—

Saturday May 19th    This Morning proved Rainey & wet, Captain Lewis, and some officers from Saint Louis, arrived here in the afternoon; all hands were employed in getting every thing ready to start the remainder of the day.—

1. There is no record of any illness of either Jonathan or George Rogers Clark at this time. Clark refers to this brother's recovery in a letter of May 21, 1804, without giving his name. Osgood (FN), 43 n. 6; Clark to William Croghan, May 21, 1804, Jackson (LLC), 1:195–96. (back)
2. Whitehouse was probably among them, although he had dated the entry May 18. He refers to "verry agreeable dancing with the french ladies, &c." (back)
3. This paragraph and the form following it are found together on a separate part of the same sheet (document 13) as the May 19 entry; they are evidently a first draft for the pay receipts referred to above, May 19. (back)
4. Amos Stoddard, captain of artillery and military commandant of Upper Louisiana (see Clark's entry, January 2, 1804), and Stephen Worrell, a junior officer serving with Stoddard (see Lewis's entry, May 20, 1804). (back)
5. Lewis actually arrived the next day with U.S. Army officers Amos Stoddard and Stephen Worrell; see Lewis's entry. (back)