May 21, 1804
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May 21, 1804


Dine with Mr. Ducete & Set out from St. Charles at three oClock after getting every matter arranged, proceeded on under a jentle Breese, at one mile a Violent rain with Wind from the S. W.    we landed at the upper point of the first Island on the Stbd Side & Camped, [1] Soon after it commenced raining & continued the greater part of the night; 3 french men got leave to return to Town, and return early (refur to Fig:, 2.)

25st refured to fig: 2 [2] Left St: Charles May 21st 1804. Steered N. 15° W 1¾ Ms    N 52° W to the upper point of the Island and Camped dureing a rain which had been falling half an hour, opposit this Isd. Coms in a Small creek on the St. Sd. and at the head one on the Ld. Side [3] rains powerfully.


All the forepart of the Day Arranging our party and prcureing the different articles necessary for them at this place—    Dined with Mr. Ducett and Set out at half passed three oClock under three Cheers from the gentlemen on the bank and proceeded on to the head of the Island (which is Situated on the Stbd Side) 3 miles    Soon after we Set out to day a hard Wind from the W. S W accompanied with a hard rain, which lasted with Short intervales all night, opposit our Camp a Small creek coms in on the Lbd Side—

Course & Distanc 21st of May
S. 15° W 1 ¾ To belge of Isd.
N 52° W 1 ½ To upper Pt. of Isd. Std Sd.
  3 ¼  

left St. Charles at 4 oClock P. m. Showery, the men all in high Spirits. George Drewyer & Willard [4] Stayed on business    Encamped on the N. Side of the River


monday 21st 1804    Left St Charles at 4 oclk. P m    Showerey    encamped on the N Side of the River


Monday 21st May 1804.    Some rainy.    we took on board Some more provision bread &c.    about 4oClock P.M we Set out from this place.    fired our bow peace [5] and gave three cheers, and proceeded on in good heart, about [blank] miles and Camped on the North Side.    2 frenchman went back to the village.    two of our men Stayed at St. Charls in order to come on with the horses

Monday May 21st    This morning we had some Rain, part of this day was employed in taking in Provisions &ca.—    about 4oClock P.M. we took our departure from Saint Charles, (a number of the Inhabitants had assembled to see us set off) we fired our Swivel, from the Bow of our boat; and gave them three Cheers, which they returned; we then proceeded up the River about 3 Miles, and came to, on the North side of said River where we encamped.    We sent two of our hands (Canadians) back to Saint Charles, in Order to bring on two of our Men, that were left with horses at that place.    We found the current of the River very rapid, the Banks steep, & the bottom very miry.    The course of the River running due West from its mouth this place.    The country lying level, and very fertile.—

1. In St. Charles County, Missouri, approximately three miles southwest of the town of St. Charles. The island, apparently called St. Charles Island, seems to have disappeared. Thwaites (LC), 1:26 n. 1; MRC map 2. (back)
2. This paragraph is on a separate part of the same sheet (document 13). Why Clark uses the word "figure" is not clear. (back)
3. This first creek is probably either Ducket or Little Ducket Creek, in St. Charles County , both probably named for François Duquette. The second is probably Creve Coeur Creek, in the opposite shore in St. Louis County . MRC map 2. (back)
5. The swivel cannon again. (back)