June 11, 1804
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June 11, 1804


11 June Monday—    as the wind blew all this day from N, W. which was imedeately a head we Could not Stur, but took the advantage of the Delay and Dried our wet articles examined provisons and Cleaned arms, my Cold is yet verry bad—    the river begining to fall    our hunters killed two Deer, G Drewry killed 2 Bear in the Prareie to day, men verry lively Danceing & Singing &c.


The N W. wind blew hard & Cold    as this wind was imediately a head, we Could not proceed    we took the advantage of this Delay and Dried our wet articles examin'd Provisions &c. &c.    the river begining to fall the hunters killed two Deer    G: Drewyer Killed two Bear in the Prarie, they were not fat.    we had the meat Jurked and also the Venison, which is a Constant Practice to have all the fresh meat not used, Dried in this way.


Monday June 11th 1804.    we lay by on acct. of the wind Blowing hard from the N. W. Drewyer & Several more went out in the Praries a hunting, & Drewyer killed two Bear & one Deer. R Fields killed one Deer


monday June 11th 1804    Day Clear wind from the N. West    Lay By all Day on account of the wind    the Latter part of the day Clouday    ouer hunters Kiled 2 Bar & 2 Deer


Monday 11th    the wind blew So strong in the morning that the Commanding Officer halted there that day    Drewyer Killd two bears & One buck    there Halted—

Monday June 11th    This morning we landed the horses on the banks of the River; (it blowing very hard), the officers concluded staying here this day.    The Hunters went out a hunting and returned in the Evening with Two Bears, and a Buck deer that they killed.—

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