July 25, 1804
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July 25, 1804


White Catfish Camp 25th of July Wednesday.    Several hunters Sent out. at 2 oClock the Two men Sent to the Otteaz Village returned and informed that no Indians were at the Town    they Saw Some fresh Sign near that place which they persued, but Could not find them, they having taken precausions to Conceal the rout which they went out from the Village— the Indis. of the Missouries being at war with one & the other or other Indians, move in large bodies and Sometimes the whole nation Continue to Camp together on their hunting pls.    Those men inform that they passed thro a open Plain all the way to the Town a feiw Trees excepted on the water courses—    they Cross the papillion or the Butterfly Creek within a feiw miles of Camp and near the Village a handsm. river of 100 yards Wide Called the Corne de chearf [Corne du Cerf] or the Elkhorn, which mouths below the Town in the Plate N. Side. [1] Wind from the S. E.    2 Dee[r] & a Turkey Killed to Day    Several Grous Seen in the Prarie


25th of July Wednesday    a fair morning Several hunters out today    at 2 oClock Drewyer & Peter [Cruzatte] returned from the Otteaus Village; and informs that no Indians were at their towns, They Saw Some fresh Signs of a Small party but Could not find them.    in their rout to the Towns (Which is about 18 miles West) they passed thro a open Prarie Crossed papillion or Butterfly Creek and a Small butifull river which run into the Platt a little below the Town Called Corne de charf [NB: Corne de Cerf] or Elk Horn river    this river is about 100 yards wide with Clear water & a gravely Channel.—    wind from the S. E    two Deer Killed to day    1 Turkey    Several Grous Seen to day. [2]


Observed Equal Altds. of the ☉ with Sextant.

h      m      s h    m    s
A. M. 8      5    20 3    44    38
"      6    42 ☉ obscured by cloud
"      8    7.5 3    47    27

Altd. by Sextant at the time of Observtn.    74° 19' 30"


Wednesday July 25th 1804.    a pleasant morning    Some men out hunting. G. Drewyer & peter Returned from the Zottoes village    found no Indians    it is Supposed by the Signs they Saw that they were all out in the praries hunting buffelow. Collins killed 2 Deer    Jo Feilds killed 1 Turkey to day—


Wendesday July 25th    Continued Hear as the Capts is not Don there Riting    ouer men Returnd whome we had Sent to the town and found non of them at Home but Seen Some fresh Sine of them.


Wednesday July 25th 1804.    a pleasant morning.    Som men out hunting.    G. Drewyer & St. peter Returned found no Indians, they were in the praries hunting the Buffelow.—    Collins killed 2 Deer    Jo. F. 1 Turkey.

Wednesday July 25th    We still remain'd at same place, waiting the arrival of George Drewyer & St. Peter from the Zoto & Pawne Villages, about 3 oClock P. M. they return'd, having been at those Villages but had found no Indians.    they having all gone into the Priaries in order to hunt the Buffaloe.—

Our hunters returned in the evening, having killed 2 deer & one Turkey.—

1. Apparently they had traveled through Sarpy County, Nebraska, in a general westerly direction, crossing the Elkhorn River near where it meets the Platte. The village is evidently the Oto site noted on July 20. (back)
2. Probably the ruffed grouse, with which the captains were already familiar. Cutright (LCPN), 15. (back)
3. Lewis's observation from Codex O. (back)