November 9, 1804
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November 9, 1804


a verry hard frost this morning    we Continue to build our Cabens, under many disadvantages, Day Cloudy wind from the N W.    Several Indians pass with flying news, [NB: reports] we got a 〈Squar〉 White weasel, (Taile excepted which was black at the end) [1] of an Indian    Capt Lewis walked to the hill abt. ¾ of a mile—    we are Situated in a point of the Missouri North Side in a Cotton wood Timber, this Timber is tall and heavy Containing an imence quantity of water    Brickle & Soft 〈fine〉 food for Horses to winter (as is Said by the Indians) [2]    The Mandans Graze their horses in the day on Grass, and at night give them a Stick [NB: an arm full] of Cotton wood [NB: boughs] to eate, Horses Dogs & people all pass the night in the Same Lodge or round House, Covd. with earth with a fire in the middle [3]

great number of wild gees pass to the South, flew verry high


Friday 9th Nov.    a hard white frost last night.    a clear & pleasant morning.    we continued building as usal.    we expect our hunters Soon as we are in Great want of fresh meat.—    a nomber of the natives visits us everry day.

1. The long-tailed weasel, Mustela frenata, then unknown to science. Burroughs, 81–82; Cutright (LCPN), 122. (back)
2. From "we are Situated" on, the passage is crossed out in red, apparently by Biddle. He has also made other slight spelling changes, not shown. (back)
3. From "Horses Dogs . . ." on, the passage is crossed out in red, apparently by Biddle. (back)