December 9, 1804
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December 9, 1804


The Thermometer Stood this morning at 7° above 0, wind from the E.    Capt Lewis took 18 men & 4 horses [NB: 3 hired 1 bought] and went out    Send in the meet killed yesterday and kill more, the Sun Shown to day Clear, both interpeters went to the Villages to day    at 12 oClock two Chiefs Came loaded with meat    one with a dog & Slay also loaded with meat, Capt. Lewis Sent in 4 Hors's loaded with meat, he continued at the hunting Camp near which the[y] killed 9 buffalow.


Sunday 9th Decr.    the morning pleasant but not So cold as it was yesterday.    about 10 o.C. Capt. Lewis & 12 men went out a hunting and concluded to leave a fiew men down in a Bottom abt. 5 mls. below in order to hunt & take care of the meat.    a nomber of the Savvages came to our Garrison. Some of them brought Some fat meat and Gave to our officers.    Some of the hunting party returned in the evening with our horses loaded with fine meat    Capt. Lewis camped with Several hunters in a Bottom 5 or 6 ml. from the Fort and took care of the meat which they had killed in the course of the day which was about Six buffalow in all.


Sunday 9th.    Captain Lewis and twelve more of us, went down to the bottom where the two men were taking care of the meat. We found some buffaloe had come into the woods, and we killed ten of them and a deer. Having dressed them we loaded four horses with meat and sent them with some of the party to the fort: Captain Lewis and the rest of us encamped out, and had tolerable lodging with the assistance of the hides of the buffaloe we had killed.