December 27, 1804
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December 27, 1804


a little fine Snow    weather something Colder than yesterday    Several Indians here to Day, much Surprised at the Bellos & method of makeing Sundery articles of Iron [1]    wind hard from the N W.


Thursday 27th Decr.    cloudy Some Snow    we went about laying a flower [floor] in the Intrepeters room & finishing the blacksmiths Shop &.C.

1. The Corps had a small forge, complete with bellows and fueled by charcoal, on which they could work iron and other metals. Shields and Willard were the smiths. Besides repairing expedition equipment, they made tomahawk heads and other articles to trade to the Indians for food. Russell (FTT), 358–61; Ronda (LCAI), 102–4. (back)