January 5-8, 1805
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January 5-8, 1805


Saturday 5th Jany. 1805. [1]    a cloudy cold day.    the 3 hunters which who went down the river a hunting on the 4th Inst. returned on the 7th Inst.    they informed us that they had nothing the 2 first days to eat only one wolf which they killed.    they informed us that it eat very well.    they killed after that 4 Deer & 2 wolves.    the weather continued verry Cold.    nothing else remarkable hapened, Since the 5th Instant.—

Saturday 5th Sunday 6 Monday 7 Tuesday 8 January    These 4 days we had Cloudy, Cold weather    The three Hunters that was out from 4th instant returned on 7th instant, they informed us that they had nothing to eat the first two days, excepting a Wolf, which they had killed, they said it eat very well, they kill'd after that 4 deer & 2 Wolves, which they brought to the Fort.—

The Weather continuing very Cold—

1. A short summary of events until the next entry, January 9, with no gaps in the notebook. (back)