January 9-10, 1805
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January 9-10, 1805


Wednesday 9th Jany. 1805. [1]    2 unexperienced hunters went out to day, the day proved to be very cold & Stormey, one of them returned to the fort about 8 oClock in the evening with one of his feet frost bit.    the other Stayed out all night.    in they morning Some men were going for them expecting they were froze, but they came in before they started well & hearty.    Some of the Natives went in the prarie a hunting, in the evening as they were returning one of them gave out.    they left him behind.    Some of his friends or his father went after him expecting to find him a Corps, but after they left him he came too So that he changed his position to the woods, & broke branches to lye on, So his life was Spared, but his feet was froze verry bad.    they got him to our fort.    Capt. Lewis doctered him.    Some hunters went out the Same evening & Stayed out all night.

Wednesday & Thursday Janry 9 & 10th    This day we had severe cold weather, in the morning 2 of our Men that were unexperienc'd in hunting, went out, in pursuit of Game, one of these Men did not return to the Fort till 8 o'Clock P. M.    the other staid out all night, On the 10th The weather still continued to be extremely Cold and Stormy, The Officers had some of our party preparing to go in search of the Man, who Staid out all night, beleiving from the severity of the weather that he had been froze to death,— but fortunately he returned to the Fort, before they had started in good health.—    Some of the Natives came to our Fort, bringing with them one of their Nation, that was frost bitten—    They told the Officers, that they had went out on the 9th instant into the Priari to hunt, & had this Indian with them, but the weather was so Cold that he gave out, and they were forced to leave him behind.—    Some of his friends with his father went out this morning, in search of him, expecting to have found him froze to death.—    On their arrival at the place, that they had left him they found that he had come too, and had walked to where there was thick Woods, & broke some branches off the Trees, on which they found him lying 〈on〉, His feet was very much bit by the frost, but his life was Spared.    Captain Lewis afforded this Indian what medical Aid lay in his power.—    Some of our hunters went hunting and staid out all Night.—

1. A separate entry for January 10 is missing in the original version, but the events of the day seem to be included here. (back)