January 30, 1805
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January 30, 1805


a fine morning, Clouded up at 9 oClock, Mr. La Rocke paid us a Visit, & we gave him an answer respecting the request he made when last here of accompanying us on our Journey &c. [NB: refused] [1]


Wednesday 30th Jany. 1805. Some Cloudy. Sergt Gass Sent up the River to an other bluff in order to look for another kind of Stone that would not Split with heat    he brought one home & het it    found it was the Same kind of the other    as soon as it was hot it bursted asunder    So we Gave up that plan.—


Wednesday 30th. I went up the river and found another kind of stones, which broke in the same manner: so our batteaux and periogues remained fast in the ice.

1. The captains had no intention of helping Larocque to acquire, at United States government expense, geographical knowledge that would be of advantage to the North West Company and the British government. (back)